Oalva Analytics Dashboard Framework©

Oalva Sentiment Analytics Dashboard is a powerful product useful in monitoring social media networks to gain an overview of wider public opinion behind various topics. Real-time monitoring capabilities make the process quicker and easier than ever before. Ability to extract insights from social data is broad and powerful.

Sentiment analytics, also referred as opinion mining, is analysis of feelings, attitudes, emotions and opinions behind words using natural language processing tools. Dashboard has capability to capture the complexity of emotional responses as very positive to sarcastic to very negative determining if social marketing initiatives are driving the actions planned for.

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) provides the only end to end platform that collects, curates and analyzes and acts on data in real time with a drag-and-drop visual interface.

Marketers benefit from having as much information about their audience as possible. Understanding your audience’s reactions to your posts helps you plan strategically for future campaigns and content. Monitoring sentiment is a beneficial tactic for customer service and support representatives. Public relations and corporate communications professionals need to be aware of brand perception. PR pros can see the influencers having positive discussions about their brand, and use this information to build relationships. Also ensure the message they’re sharing is relevant and targeted

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