Oalva Analytics Dashboard Framework©

Oalva has built a rich set of analytics dashboards. The dashboards themselves are java-based and are easily ported into Tableau, Microstrategy or Zeppelin depending upon your specific needs. Each dashboard is built into a framework that provides filters, metrics, geolocation plotting of your data on google maps, charting and tabular format.

Next-Best Network Information Dashboard

NBNI is the intersection of network performance, optimization and profitability. Using our dashboards, your data comes to life and you are able to make decisions that maximize your capital investment.

Making your data POP

 Note: If you have other dashboarding that you would like create outside of what we have off-the-shelf, please do call us at 1-888-556-7693 – we are experts at creating a variety of dashboards and would love to add additional use cases.