Center of Excellence

Oalva has deep experience in performing data architecture and analytics capability assessments. We also look at the tools and processes you have in place to determine if you are optimally achieving your objective of gaining key insights to your business.

To do so, we use the following methodology:

  1. Deep-dive into the operational and data warehouses your company. We determine what data is stored where.
  2. Examine the analytics, business intelligence and reporting tools you currently use to blueprint their usage and effectiveness.
  3. Interview IT and Business Leads to determine:
    1. What capabilities, reports and data to you use and need.
    2. What reports and data to you have but don’t use
    3. What capabilities do you wish you had.

Based on this, we

  1. Provide an inventory of data, tools and process to you, the IT leader
  2. Provide a recommendation for next steps to move your organization further.