Hadoop Data Migrator

Migration Made Easy. Oalva’s Hadoop Data Migrator© product allows customers to easily move from their Teradata or Netezza to Hadoop’s Hive LLAP…


Sentiment Analytics Scorer

What are my customers saying about me? Sentiment analytics scores uses Apache NiFi and Hadoop’s Spark to ingest social media (twitter, facebook) data and score that data…


Analytics Dashboards

What is my data telling me about my business? The Oalva Analytics Dashboard Framework is a framework with a feature-rich set of dashboards to show you key segments…


Center of Excellence

Are you using best practices? Oalva has a team of analysts available to deep-dive into your architecture and provide you feedback as to what your next steps as an IT organization…


Oalva offers an integrated portfolio of services combining our experience, knowledge and unmatched capabilities across key industry verticals focused in Business Intelligence, Data Ingest/Mediation, Data Management and Process Engineering.

We are experts in Telco, Insurance, Agricultural and Oil/Gas data.

Got sensor data you want to capture, mediate and mine?

Simply put, Oalva exists to increase capabilities, reduce cost and identify fraud (using data).  We exist solely for that purpose.


Large Telco’s require processing of network data to determine optimal cell site configuration, small-cell, cell-site and backhaul planning, customer network experience and customer churn/upsell potential. Hadoop is the de facto standard.


Large logistics companies use pricing, sales and operational data to determine the most efficient and the best pricing plan given a set of coordinates and freight.

Brand Enrichment

Using hadoop, survey data is ingested and rich comparisons are drawn between product lines, locations, store types, customer experience and more.

IOT - Oil/Gas

Using Apache NiFi, Oil and Gas sensor data is collected to determine well efficiency, need for hole rework and pressure/timing of the well itself. Data is sent to Hadoop for deep-dive analysis.

IOT - Agriculture

Using Apache NiFi, both equipment (battery, oil pressure, etc.) and agricultural (seed planting depth, temperature, soil moisture, etc.) sensor data is collected to determine irrigation, fertilizer need, etc. for maximum crop yield. Data is sent to Hadoop for deep-dive analysis.


Hadoop is the de facto standard for Customer 360, fraud and customer value analysis.  Individual consumers are differentiated by their usage patterns and promotions are tailored to their likings